Friday, May 1, 2009

Souter to Leave USSC

This became news late last night. Here is a sampler from some of the sources this blog follows:

The NYTimes - Souter Retiring Leaving Obama a Choice.

The SCOTUS Blog - Justice Souter's Retirement and Where We Go from Here.

Above The Law - ATL Poll: Who Should Replace SCOTUS Justice David Souter? The usual snarky comment ATL is known for? Check it out right here...
That the next Supreme Court justice will lack a Y chromosome is a virtual certainty, but we've thrown a few token males into the poll anyway. Who strikes your fancy?
But, here's the best from a surprising source - GAWKER - Rush Limbaugh Saw Obama's Top SCOTUS Candidate Coming Years Ago. Wow! What prescience from the Big Guy...

Tip of the hat to Roberta on the Gawker story...

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