Saturday, July 18, 2009

Practictioner Blogs - the Future is Now

As the very nature of legal information changes it seems obvious that outliers or fringe reporters will proliferate - particularly in the area of current awareness. From Joe Hodnicki's Law Librarian Blog follow the links to two good examples of what is possible: the San Diego Criminal Attorney's Blog and the Florida Mortgage Modification Lawyer Blog. Both are excellent non-traditional current awareness tools.

Readers of this blog may remember the post about the Native American Legal Update Blog made back on January 17th. Niche blogging appears to be the future of current awareness.

This is how ATL and SCOTUSBlog got started. From small beginnings come great things.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NPR - Best Sotomayor Daily Wrap?

NPR provides a truly comprehensive summary of each day's activities at the Sotomayor confirmation hearings. Check out the wrap from today. You'll find analysis, photographs, links to related stories, and audio links to the day's testimony.

Audio of hearings is also available on the Judiciary Committee's Webcasts Archive here. Since coverage is gavel to gavel, the official webcasts are the full record. NPR's coverage divides the audio into discrete organized sections, e.g., Senator Leahy Defends Sotomayor Against Allegations of Bias - a 1 minute 40 second speech. You need to decide if you want sound bites or the full meal deal...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sotomayor Hearings Witness List

Senator Leahy's office has issued a witness list for Monday's hearings. You can find it here on Leahy's site. You can also find it here on the Judiciary Committee's site. Note that Frank Ricci is listed as a minority witness. Is that ironic or what?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three Websites to Watch During Sotomayor Hearings

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. These three sites seem, instead, to be dedicated to coverage of the entire process. Their reportage seems to be unbiased, relevant and timely.

Blog of LegalTimes. They are doing reporting like this: Law Professors Line Up Behind Sotomayor and this: ABA Committee Sotomayor Top Rating.

SCOTUSBlog. Of course. They are posting like this: Over 1000 law professors join letter endorsing Sotomayor. Take a look in the right hand column for links to other stories.

The National Law Journal. 12 Things to Watch at Sotomayor's Hearing.

High quality current legal information continues to move inexorably, relentlessly online

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Even More Documents on Sotomayor

Our good friends at the SCOTUSBlog have posted a compendium of documents related to Sonia Sotomayor. Of particular interest are the posts by the Volokh Conspiracy and the link to a CRS report. Readers of this blog will recall previous posts about the usefulness of CRS reports, for example here.

Alberto Gonzalez Gets a Job

Readers of this blog will recall a post from March in which it was revealed that former Attorney General of the United States, Alberto Gonzalez, couldn't find a job. Well. His prospects are looking up. As revealed by BLT here and CBS Court Watch here, Gonzalez has now been hired to teach a political science course at academic power house Texas Tech. He's been given a one year contract to teach an undergraduate special topics course - Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch.

Sotomayor Documents

Right now there are a number of documents posted for view on the Senate Judiciary Committee Website. These include (1) portions of the questionnaire Judge Sotomayor answered complete with supporting documents and (2) letters from persons or groups supporting or opposing her appointment.

And, for those interested in listening to the hearings there is a promise of a Webcast (see the right hand column).

Supreme Court confirmation hearings have come a long way since the days when Anita Hill testified in the Thomas hearings.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sotomayor Hearings Begin July 13th

There are, of course, many sources for this but probably the easiest to find is on the Senate's own website calendar. The Senate's Daily Digest Committee Meetings/Hearings Schedule is located on the Senate site. Just scroll down to find the hearing set for next Monday before the Judiciary Committee. The XML link at the top of the page means that you can get an RSS feed for the Daily Digest if you want to automatically keep up with Senate happenings.