Friday, January 16, 2009

Native American Legal Update Blog

Started in October 2008, the Native American Legal Update is an exciting addition to the legal blogosphere. It is a high quality blog with plenty of analysis produced by Foster Pepper. Here is their post about the news that the Mashantucket Tribe and the UAW were going to negotiate their new labor contract within the framework of tribal law. Two comments -

1. Although Foster Pepper is generally considered a Northwest firm they obviously have a handle on what is happening nationally. Anyone thinking about practicing in Connecticut or the Northeast should consider tracking of this blog as one way to follow Indian Law developments in general.

2. This appears to be the new model of disseminating legal information to niche information groups. Not only does Foster Pepper provide a service by keeping track of this important area of the law, they are effectively marketing their services. The blog is taking the place of the newsletter. And, if it is produced by a firm that is growing their market share so much the better.

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