Thursday, January 15, 2009

Federal Clerks - By School

Yet another way to consider the quality of a school is to see how many graduates are employed as clerks in the Federal Circuit Courts. Here's a chart that has some potential for determining just that. Two problems -

1. The chart only references the number of placements by the top 31 schools (why 31?) as ranked by US News & World Report. Considering the methodological problems associated with the USN&WR rankings the basis of the chart becomes immediately suspect. Still, there is some value in seeing how the rankings play out.

2. Who is "Law Clerk Addict" and how has this chart been compiled? There are some answers in a previous post.

Regardless, this approach to determining the effectiveness of a law school (how many students get jobs as law clerks in the Circuit Courts) has real possibilities. Take a look at the archives to see a real wealth of information.

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