Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Article on Oral Advocacy for Moot Court

Check out the new article on moot court written by James Dimitri as part of the Stetson Law School Center for Excellence in Advocacy Symposium: Stepping Up to the Podium with Confidence: A Primer for Law Students on Preparing and Delivering an Appellate Oral Argument, 38 Stetson Law Review 75 (2008). You can find it on Westlaw at 38 STETLR 75 or on Lexis at 38 Stetson L. Rev. 75. The original working paper is available on SSRN. The abstract is here. Just follow the links to the full paper.

This article is a true primer; quite useful for making sure you've covered the basics. Take a good look at the "brainstorming" section. This is a step that many students skip.

A note of explanation: Symposia issue are often published long after the fact. This symposium was held in 2008. The article is just now being published. This can often be a key factor when trying to find an article specifically written for a symposium.

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