Monday, September 19, 2011

Pressure From The Rankings Leads To Cheating By Law School Administrations

Most know by now that some law school administrations have an unhealthy obsession with the US News & World Report Law School Rankings. Paying attention to the rankings is one thing. They do, after all, serve as a way for schools to compare themselves with others and to catch trends. Cheating in the pursuit of higher rankings, however, is beyond the pale. Past cheating scandals include the miserable attempts by at least one school to cook their stats via late admissions of candidates with lower GPAs and LSATs.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to paying attention to the USN&WR rankings, Villanova was caught taking their GPA and LSAT admissions scores last February. Now, it may be Indiana's turn. A lengthy quote from the article -

The law school world was scandalized in February when Villanova University School of Law announced that its former dean and admissions officials had for years inflated the Law School Admission Test scores and grade-point averages of the school's incoming classes.

On Sept. 11, officials at the University of Illinois announced that they were investigating the veracity of the same statistics reported by its College of Law after getting a tip that the numbers released for its new class were wrong.

It remains to be seen whether Illinois did, in fact, report bogus numbers this year or in the past, or whether it was done on purpose. But the fact that a second law school had fallen under suspicion within a year raised questions. How widespread is the inflation of the academic credentials? What is being done to ensure law schools are honest?

What indeed? You can and should read the whole story here.

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