Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Bad News on the Attorney Job Front

Gawker reports more bad news for attorneys looking for jobs. According to Gawker blogger Neil Hamilton -
Life as an American attorney these days is little more than a steady progression of more and more degrading news stories about the ever-declining status of your job, and, by extension, the rapid downward spiral of your worth as a human being.
Well. Things aren't that bad. But at least one recent trend is disturbing. Hamilton quotes a Wall Street Journal article on an uptick in "legal temp" jobs. Young attorneys are doing document review during the graveyard shift in highly regimented surroundings. This is not the job most law students think they will have when they graduate.

We are all used to contract attorney jobs. The WSJ description of these new "legal temp" jobs takes that idea to a whole new low.

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