Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arizona Bill Defacto Secession?


You can see a copy of Arizona Senate Bill 1433 here courtesy of a link from this page. The purpose of the bill is to support Arizona state nullification of federal law that a committee - The Joint Legislative Committee on Nullification of Federal Laws - finds to be objectionable.

Legal researchers will take particular interest in Section 2 of the bill which provides for enactment of the legislative intent as part of the bill. Section 2 is an extended polemic about states' rights.

Section 3 provides that,
"The Secretary of State shall transmit copies of this act to the legislatures of the several states to assure that this state continues in the same esteem and friendship as currently exists and that this state considers union for specific national purposes and particularly those enumerated in the Constitution of the United States to be friendly to the peace, happiness and prosperity of all the states."
Thus allowing Arizona to be part of the Union when it finds it acceptable to be so.

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