Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WestlawNext and the 2010 Buzz

The West-maintained blog, Legal Current, has noted that WestlawNext created a "buzz" in the legal research community in 2010...
So much so that Massauchsetts lawyer, writer and media consultant, Robert Ambrogi recently announced that his post titled “A First Look at WestlawNext” was the most widely read entry on his popular legal blog LawSites for all of 2010.
Ambrogi is, indeed, a leader in keeping track of online tools, practices, and electronic developments in the legal field. His blog, Law Sites, is well worth reading for the material about online legal research alone.

Legal Current also links to its post from early 2010 that recaps comments in the blogosphere about WestlawNext. These links, mostly posted at the time of the introduction of WestlawNext, all seem to be positive. Well. That's no surprise.

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