Monday, January 18, 2010

You Know the Recession is Bad When...

You know that the recession has really hit the legal profession hard when the latest article about the legal job market - No Longer Their Golden Ticket - is in the Styles section of the NYTimes. There have been many articles in such law-related publications as Above the Law with its weekly (what else) feature This Week in Layoffs. But when the fortunes of recent law school graduates begin to share space with the Wedding Page you've got to know that this downturn has really reached the mainstream. The Styles article even mentions LawShucks with its famous (or infamous) Layoff Tracker.

What's the alternative? Take a look at this short video that accompanies the online version of the article in Styles. It seems that some new lawyers are doing what many law students originally had in mind when they applied for law school - provide services for the poor.

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