Monday, October 26, 2009

Searching HeinOnline

There were two new posts late last week about more effective searching on HeinOnline. The first is from Shawn Nevers at the HWHLL Blog and a follow up from the HeinOnline Weblog.

It seems likely that the real reason why this mode of searching has become possible is because of Hein's efforts to improve the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function thereby allowing dependable and reliable word searching.

Although Shawn and Hein are quite correct about the usefulness of the "new" search features the results display (the hit list) may still discourage many researchers. Most students (and faculty!) will continue to use the browse feature to find quality scans of law review articles and other materials that they have found using other search methods.

We are not ready to stop our subscriptions to WilsonWeb (Index to Legal Periodicals) or LegalTrac. Not yet.

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d_rosati said...

Can you tell me what about the HeinOnline results display "still may discourage many researchers"?