Thursday, December 25, 2008

Duquesne Mess Hits National News

It was no surprise this morning to see that this potboiler finally made it into the New York Times. The story, posted on the NYT site yesterday, was on the first page of the Nation section of the print version today. No mention of the rankings by the Times correspondent Sean Hamill.

For a complete recap of the story you should visit Paul Caron's excellent blog at TaxProf Blog. Make sure you follow all the links. Caron's entries on this go back for weeks and detail the focus of the NYT story - the battle over granting tenure to Professor John Rago fought between Dean Guter and the Duquesne President Charles Dougherty. Caron has gathered together many of the relevant links to news reportage.

So. Were the rankings instrumental in the dismissal of Dean Guter? Look for more analysis here at a later date.

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